Storytelling to the Next Level

We now have the ability to use dynamic content, data and intelligent automation to improve customer experiences

Customers value experiences, and those experiences often come in the form of stories. Selfies, social feeds, chats and influence stats grab consumers' attention, who in turn share their personal encounters.

We have Snapchat stories, Instagram stories. We even have interactive personalized video stories where every audience member charts their own unique rich media experience.

The shift to storytelling gives businesses an opportunity to regain their footing by creating more interactive and personalized engagements with customers.

Now, thanks to AI, we can create millions of unique stories tailored to an audience of one.3

Blending AI and storytelling will have a dramatic impact on improving the customer experience. AI technologies can achieve scalable contextual relevance as intelligent applications take over the execution part of storytelling.

Combine Storytelling and Technology

  • Dynamic content, data and intelligent automation all improve customer experiences. By embedding intelligence into customer-facing processes, businesses can build deeper connections, recommend next best actions and create more contextually-driven interactions.
  • The data improves algorithms, which factor in overall intent, resulting in greater relevancy and effectiveness.
  • Storytelling and technology are now linked. Using AI to automate storytelling will require new levels of trust in the algorithms and data, which play a powerful role in improving the context.

Location-based technologies can create micro-stories along the customer journey to allow easy discovery of local content, services and more. Add intelligence to the mix, and customer interactions grow even more relevant as you aggregate insights into behaviors and preferences.
  • The entire outdoor or indoor experience can become a learning opportunity to display personalized location information, product information, pop-up coupons, video demonstrations and more. Consumers can request help based on location, such as a dressing room or clothing rack. The dressing room itself is being digitized to provide inventory availability and recommend other products based on items already in the room through a digital display.

With the help of data and intelligent automation, storytelling is creating new, engaging micro-moments that enhance the overall customer experience.
Today’s is about two-way engagement anywhere, on any device